Between Two Worlds

I wrote this piece many years ago. I have played it many times but never recorded a high quality video. I should. It's really a combination of South American Rhythms on 6/8, 3/4 and paradiddle rudiments. I just play on the guitar what is written for the drum set: my right hand is emulating the pattern of the toms and my left hand is doing the snare drum on the first section. The melodic ideas came from studying Colombian music. There are some technical mistakes in the performance but I had very little time to recorded. This is the first and only take. I played an Alhambra Luthier India classical guitar with Cedar top, Brazilian Rosewood in the back and sides and high quality Ebony fingerboard.  


La Maga

Drummer Steve Gadd has always been influential in my writing. La Maga's first section is really a paradiddle warm up on the guitar, inspired by the creative applications of this rudiment on the drum set by Dr. Gadd. I didn't think of harmony or melody until the ideas were rhythmically well developed. I altered the pattern a little bit and included a version of a rasgueado which gives a nice syncopation feeling. The other sections of the piece include a simple comping on 6/8 and a tremolo which I always enjoy playing. I'm in the process of producing a high quality video of this piece with a new arrangement. 


Black - Pearl Jam

You can play just about anything on the classical guitar. Even though I listened to Pearl Jam a lot when I was younger, I never really did any arrangements of their music on the guitar... until now. Messing around with some of their songs I started to create several editions of the repertoire that I enjoyed the most.  Of course, no one can emulate the marvelous and powerful voice of Eddie Vedder, but one can recreate the melodies in an instrument. This video is an excerpt of "Black". The full arrangement  will be ready shortly. The guitar is a Paulino Bernabe Concierto